The recent George Floyd killing was a Murder Most Foul.

My mind is spinning. People seem to want to argue, but NOBODY thinks Floyd’s knee-to-the-neck murder was justified or correct. NOBODY.

In the 1st week of April 2020, a song was released that proved to be an eerie American harbinger of our inevitable dystopia. Bob Dylan, released “Murder Most Foul,”…

Reza Zedah, an Iranian-American and also a minister in my church, offers some insightful thoughts on the Iran crisis. Reza is currently involved in sports chaplaincy, having served with the Colorado State University Rams and the Denver Broncos. His words need to be heard and read. None of these are my words.

“Messy and complicated. As an Iranian born refugee, I can only come up with these words to describe the tensions in the Middle East. The death of General Soleimani only adds layers upon the convoluted relationship between this region and the West.

For my entire lifetime, the country of Iran…

Jason Kent Crowell

Recruitment Leader. #employerbrand Bible. Rock Concerts. Piano. Jobs for exCons

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