• Keith Krach

    Keith Krach

    2022 Nobel Prize Nominee, Chm Krach Inst for Tech Diplomacy, fmr Under Secretary of State, Chm & CEO of DocuSign & Ariba, Chm Purdue Univ, & VP, General Motors

  • Audra Knight

    Audra Knight

    #EmployerBrand Nut @Careerarc ★ Co-host of The #SocialRecruiting Show on #blab ★ #LinkedIn Certified Recruiter ★ Bassist @TheFilthBand ★ Warning: I #spoofchat

  • Ben Slater

    Ben Slater

    VP Growth at Beamery, the recruiting platform that leverages A.I. @BenJHSlater

  • joey


  • Slingbot HR

    Slingbot HR

    Helping HR departments and recruiters with Twitter engagement!

  • Thomas Molnar-Brock

    Thomas Molnar-Brock

    I like to write about technology and personal growth.

  • Erika Morris

    Erika Morris

  • Erika Andersen

    Erika Andersen

    Business thinker and author, Proteus International founder, wife/mom/ grandma/sister/friend, designer and creator of all kinds of interesting and useful things.

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